Ufo Traffic Report: October 22, 2010

Mercury sticks close to the Sun this week, hanging low in the sky right after sunset. You want binoculars if you want remote control this planet. Saturn heads toward Mercury as the week goes on, setting earlier each nighttime. If you have a telescope, you can view Saturn’s rings edge-on on Sunday weekend. A good telescope will reveal the thin shadow within the rings across the disc of the planet. Jupiter is perfectly placed for viewing this week, reaching opposition on Friday. At this point, Jupiter will be at its closest point to everything since the beginning of the 21st century. Mars and Ѕkу777 саsіnо Venus still dominate the pre-dawn sky, although the two planets are moving further apart each night-time. Mars is the higher of the two, found for the bright, red star Aldebaran.

Besides rising and setting, the Sun also moves horizontally at its point of rise during the year. On top of the Equinoxes, the sun rises/sets exactly due East/West. On the summer Solstice, our nearest star is well into the sky777 download game. By the Winter Solstice, the opposite is true in that the Sun finds itself very obviously each morning South. So, for anyone into astronomy or just curiosities with the natural world, these three days (Summer Solstice, an equinox, and Winter Solstice) present a cool opportunity a year-long photo shoot.

The story of the “Jongleur de Notre Dame” crossed my mind. No sooner had the sun vanished than we started homeward, for that descent, hard enough by day, is positively dangerous after dark. But as rapidly once we went the light faded at a faster rate.

1976 – A woman and Ѕkу777 саsіnо two teenage girls were driving on interstate highway I-680 in Pleasanton, California when they saw an eighty-foot long, 40-foot wide ellipsoidal piece. It had a revoling bottom section with white and red panels of light. It was self-luminous, and kept pace with the car, flew over, then flew away over some houses. (Source: MUFON case investigation files; MUFON UFO Journal, March 1977, p. 8).

1993 – At 8:50 m.m. a private pilot at his home in Rognes, France sighted a black disc-shaped object flying quickly out of the north to south at 3,000 feet altitude. He reported it to the police and Air Traffic Management. (Source: Phenomena magazine, issue neo. 16).

Through the years and Ѕkу777 саsіnо months we’ve for you to hand make our christmas gifts. There were points in leanness while of plenty. But nothing is healthier on Christmas: Than a home cooked meal around mamas table set with love. Than a moment of Daddy’s earnest several. Than a visitor enjoying our bounty as though they were part of us. Than popcorn, cocoa, the cookies and milk of hope. Than excited anticipating hearts. Than children still filled while using wonder and hope of life. Than a family along with siblings, laughter and stories by the hearth.

A little bit later, the actual kitchen, everyone except Sam was settling in to get quick bowl of cereal, except for Sam. Sam walked into the kitchen wearing the lower half associated with bikini, and the tee shirt that she’d cut off a little too far north. Nick noticed, Sky777 along with the dad in him kicked in.

While viewing the comet Hartley 2, to obtain see some meteors from the Orionid meteor shower, which begins on October 15th and peaks on October 21st this year. The opportunity to view a comet and a meteor on the same night is exceptional, go prepared along with miss out about great event.